Deposits And Withdrawals

Faith functions along very scientific lines. It is not a volatile or mysterious and unknowable matter. And it IS matter, albeit not stuff you will find readily in  physical space.

Hebrews 11:1 says that faith is the SUBSTANCE of things hoped for. Faith is a heavenly materiality that stands under physical reality and is the proof of things not seen. This means that the thing you desire and hope for already exists in another realm – the higher-dimensional world of glory where God is.

Faith is the force that manifests on this plane what is yours in that higher dimension. In short, you can have it here if you have it there. Or you can have an equivalent here of what you have over there. This is why Jesus said to pray:Thy Kingdom, come. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. The Father wants you to have here on earth what is yours in heaven.

You already have a measure of faith (see Romans 12:3). This is a deposit made when you are born again. It is part of your “hardware” as a child of God. However, God expects us to develop this measure, to “grow” in faith. In reality, this equivalates to having increased revelation of God and His Word which gives us a developed consciousness of who we are and what we have in Christ. You won’t get this by watching soaps and reading trash literature.

God in His wisdom has seen fit to design us in such a way that we need to feed on Him – to spend time in the Word and prayer – in order to develop spiritually.

It’s easy to get stirred up in faith by hearing the exploits of others. Very often we get so stirred up that we launch out in faith and this is not a bad thing. However,  there is a trap that many fall into of stepping over into presumption rather than faith. Presumption is not where we ask God to do things He doesn’t want to. It isn’t presuming upon God so much as it is presuming we have faith. Let me explain.

If you believe you have £1,000 in your bank account and you see a new television you want to buy for £900, you will go to buy it. But if the reality is you only have £800 in your account and you have presumed wrong, then you are about to be embarrassed. You cannot withdraw what you do not have on deposit.

Don’t let your mouth write cheques that your faith can’t cash. By this I mean, don’t presume you have faith enough to get something when you are just acting on excited faith rather than strong faith. Excited faith will get you stuff that you are not ready to handle. You might believe God for a Rolls Royce but if you don’t have the income to maintain it, you will be stumped by the first repair bill.

It all comes down to one thing: spend serious time depositing God’s Word by meditation and confession. Do this and you will discover a great secret of faith – that real faith has to say very little and often nothing at all to get your desires. In other words, spend more time developing yourself in faith and you won’t have to speak much to mountains.

I have to be careful with this because I never want to discourage people from using their faith. But often people are just excited and start speaking to situations without spending the time to tank up on the Word. To use a driving analogy, don’t try to drive 100 miles with your tank edging the red! Go to the petrol station before you set out and fill up the tank.

Don’t presume that you have enough deposite in your heart to get the thing you desire. Concentrate on depositing the Word and you will feel the inner confidence i.e. the faith SUBSTANCE in your inner man. Jesus asked the question: “Where is your faith?” This means they had undetectable levels of substance in them! If He has to ask where your faith is, you are not in a great place!

James tells us that faith without works is dead. This is not talking about crowding our time with activities; it is telling us that we must exercise ourselves in faith. The works of faith are meditating and studying the Word, communing with God and praying in the Spirit. it all comes down to developing consciousness of the Lord and who we are in Him. If you start to goof off and fill your time messing about, that consciousness will not be as strong.

You have a limited time on earth. Spending your time filling yourself and immersing yourself in that which is eternal is the best use of that time. Time spent on trivial and carnal junk is time wasted. However, you can redeem the time.

Spend your time depositing heavenly substance in your spirit man. It is what you were designed and destined to do. And the results really will be out of this world.

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