No More Crying, Mr Trump

I have to be honest and say that, for me, one of the saddest things I have seen for quite some time is the meltdown of Donald Trump.

Since the notorious bombing of Syria, Trump’s Presidency has been in freefall.

Sadder still is the apparent dearth in godly counsel and correction from Christian leaders. The response of many American believers has been stupefying in that Trump’s flaws and failings are not only being ignored; the man himself has been elevated to seeming infallibility. Any criticism of Trump is deemed to be of the devil and thus invalid. This is frankly naive at best and more pertinently, it is shameful. 

I have news for blind followers of Donald Trump: He is NOT the Messiah. He is a man, fallible as all men are and he is not immune to criticism or judgement. By criticism and judgement I mean, of course, that which is helpful, spiritual and uplifting – not trolling or condemnatory. Furthermore, not only is he not immune to appraisal, he is more liable to it precisely because he is the national leader of some 300 million Americans and that leadership role is one he put himself forward for.

Trump’s recent crybaby antics, calling himself the worst treated politician ever, are ridiculously hyperbolic, even by his standards. More importantly, they are insulting to people who have known genuine persecution and torture for their political beliefs, as well as to the memory of previous presidents like Lincoln and JFK.

There are those who will rush to Trump’s defence and seek to mitigate his words and actions but the problem is, he is very busy keeping them busy by digging a deeper hole in his own credibility as well as theirs.

Trump’s narcissism is proving to be a massive problem. Those believers who say “Aw, he’s just a baby Christian” are ignoring the dangers of having a person with a gigantic ego with his finger on the nuclear button. Babies don’t make good leaders, as God’s Word clearly states.

I accept and appreciate that Trump is indeed beset with bitter, implacable foes all around and even from within. But he wanted the job of President and it is down to him to be mature and deal with these things manfully. Crying to the world about being picked on is not a good look for the President of the United States.

Perhaps President Trump could read Isaiah chapter 22 and see what God looks for in a leader. In that chapter Eliakim’s fathering leadership is contrasted favourably with Shebna’s “business-like” self-serving approach. Eliakim was given the Key of David by God because he was a man that God, the king and the people could trust.

The lesson is startlingly simple.

America needs a father in the White House, not a crybaby.

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