The Coming Revival

Recently I was given a clear command from the Lord to write a little book on the coming revival.

This revival has been prophesied for a long time. In recent years, it has perhaps been best known as the Jean Darnall vision.

I experienced a similar vision myself many years ago and am aware of others having the same.

In this blog I plan to chronicle some of my own experiences in relation to this coming revival. I am aware that revival may not be the best way to describe the move of God that is coming but it is one most can identify with.

Revival is coming to this nation. It will begin in Scotland – the north of Scotland, to be precise. It will impact the nations in an awesome way.

Personally, I believe this will be the greatest outpouring in the history of this planet. It will be the great endtime Elijah revival. 

If you are alive now, it is for this purpose.

As I said recently at a meeting in Glasgow where I was asked to speak on revival: Do you realise you have been chosen to live in this age and time?

The coming revival is the reason you are here right now. However, it can pass you by or mess you up real bad if you are not correctly positioned for it.

Your stark choice is to be with God or without Him in the days that lie ahead. Don’t make the wrong choice!


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