Why Revival Could Pass You By

Some of the most fervent people are going to see the coming revival pass them by because of prejudice and pride.

These folks will be dedicated and serving the Lord faithfully yet they will not see the coming move of God in their own lives and ministries. In fact, some will vehemently oppose what God is doing and become a root of bitterness which defiles those who follow them.

Why and how will this tragedy occur that fervent believers would miss God? Well, many people have their own preconceived ideas of what revival should look like and will not be best pleased if it doesn’t fit those preconceptions. And some will be very unhappy with those whom God has anointed and appointed to be instruments of revival.

Pride and prejudice. The twin reasons for revival passing people by.

If it is inconceivable to you that God would use a man or woman whose doctrine you disagree with or whose Bible version of choice you disapprove of, or whose style of dress offends you – maybe you are innoculating yourself against revival because what would you do if God sent revival through that person?

“Oh, He wouldn’t,” you say. You better hope He doesn’t because if He does, you have a problem.

Pride and prejudice. They have always been the litmus test for those who enter into the moves of God in times past and will be again.

Here’s a helpful tip: If you have neither, you pass the test!

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