Great Balls Of Fire

A few days ago my attention was drawn by someone to what appeared to be a large ball of fire in the sky over Glasgow. It had a tail like a comet.

The object looked like a meteor entering the atmosphere. It wasn’t in sight long as it moved away and faded.

I am aware that such signs were often thought of in olden times as portents. Signs in the heavens are to be expected in these last days so there is a comfort to know these things are biblical as well as exciting to behold.

I believe balls of fire are portents of revival but was unsure what last week’s sighting was indicating.

Now I believe I know.

636548041083127937-Billy-Graham-3267959Yesterday Billy Graham went home to be with the Saviour he preached about all over the world. I am told that Billy believed his time in Glasgow in 1955 was the nearest he came to seeing an outpouring of revival. His crusades here have certainly had a massive impact on the Christian church in Scotland.

My conviction is that the ball of fire I saw the other day was a sign of Billy Graham’s passing. Pastor Alex Gillies of Victory Christian Centre pointed out to me that Billy Graham was known as the “Mid Century Meteor” because of his massive impact on 20th century nations. 

In 2012 Benny Hinn gave this prophetic word:

“The sign will be Billy Graham’s death. You are talking about a people in hiding, just like Elijah was in hiding, but when he came out, he challenged the prophets of Baal. And the Lord said to me in 1989, when Oral Roberts and Billy Graham go home, it will be the key, it will be the sign of the beginning of the greatest revival. Oral is home and Billy is about to go home, and when he does, I’m telling you, the whole Church, get ready.”

People can make what they want about this but if it is a valid prophetic word, then we can expect great things. I believe revival is coming.

We have lost a great evangelist and harvester of souls. But we need the office and ministry of the evangelist more than we ever did, as well as every believer just doing evangelism. The church today is insular and introspective and there is no passion to reach people who don’t know Jesus. That needs to change or revival may be a forlorn hope for yet another generation.

We 21st century believers want to send out the Holy Spirit to save souls but He wants to thrust us out!

Moses once wistfully wished that all the Lord’s people were prophets. In this day and age we could say, “Oh that all the Lord’s people were evangelists!”

Billy Graham’s passing has particular poignancy for me in respect to my own walk with God.

All my life since I was a child I have been conscious of God’s hand on my life. But I date my conversion from the night as a teenager when I knelt by my bed and asked Jesus into my heart. I wanted to know for sure I was born again so I read a book titled “How To Be Born Again.”

The author of the book was Billy Graham.

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