The Spirit Of The Age

One of Solomon’s best pieces of advice was one he sadly didn’t follow himself when he said don’t give your strength to women (Proverbs 31:3).

You ladies who feel you have to assert that God is always addressing you as much as the menfolks should maybe heed this and take it to yourselves. It just might be God is saying to you ladies not to get all uppity and “empower” yourself like Oprah and Ellen. Why any women would want to trade her dominion status in Christ for that feminist junk is a mystery. Ladies, in Christ you are already all that. You can’t get any higher and any voice that says you can is another maggot-ridden fruit you don’t want to be eating and sharing.

I want to address the spirit of the age which is the spirit of lust and perversion. It used to be called the spirit of romance until the Sixties when the phoney clothes of romantic love were discarded to reveal nasty old Jezebel/Mystery Babylon underneath.

The problems for society always begin when men start singing stuff to women that they should be singing only to God. Stuff like “You’re the first, the last, my everything” and “Only You.” Things never go well when men start putting women on pedestals and worshipping them, as Solomon painfully discovered.

Women were not made for pedestals. Like men, they were created to rule and reign with Christ in the heavenlies. Why any woman would come down from there and stand on a pedestal for some dumb fool to idolise her is beyond me.

Of course, women are too sensible to put men on pedestals.

Our civilisation is drowning in lust and perversion. This will be no surprise to readers of Revelation. Thankfully this book records a coming day when the spirit of romance – unveiled in its pages as the Great Harlot sitting upon the sea of humanity – will be toppled and its power over men and women destroyed.

How sad that millions follow the siren song of Jezebel, who promises sexual freedom but who enslaves and brings into bondage. True freedom is found only in Christ. When this truth is fully known, Mystery Babylon’s prophesied demise will be manifested reality.

The current attempt by social engineers to create a gender and sexual soup where all flavours are permissible is far from liberating, although that is the hype we are being spoonfed. The truth is that God created us and He did so for a purpose and destiny you won’t find in trendy magazines, popular TV shows or the vapid ramblings of liberal “intellectuals.” And no, this is not a moral rant.

The recent passing of Billy Graham only amplifies the core message he brought as a world-famous preacher: Men and women will only find satisfaction, fulfillment and salvation in Jesus Christ. There are no viable solutions to the problems of mankind outwith this paradigm.

In short, worshipping what God created won’t work. Worshipping the Creator is the purpose we were all born for.

If you want to read more on this, please email me and ask for a FREE copy of my ebook A Fine Romance. Warning: it is strong meat and not for soulish people.



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