The World Is Waiting For Superman

Let me ask a radical question here:

Why don’t we see more believers levitating?

The very question might seem weird, even to some wild-eyed Charismatics. However,  I believe it is a valid question and is something we really should be expecting to see more and more.

The humorous thing is that many people associate levitation with the demonic realm or the work of illusionists. Of course, it can be demonic in origin or a magic trick. That doesn’t mean it can’t be something done under the power of God.

There are some who believe that Adam had the power of flight before the Fall. Whether or not this is true, it’s not much of a stretch to believe that we believers will have the ability to fly with our celestial bodies. Our resurrection bodies will make Superman look like a wimp.

We know that Jesus had the power of flight in His resurrected body – His last miracle on earth was to levitate out of sight (see Luke 24:51 and Acts 1:10,11)!

Remember that Jesus said in John 14:12 that we would do greater works than He did. The reason He gave was because He was going to the Father. I think there may have been a clue here! He tells us we will do greater works and then references going to the Father. How did He go to the Father? He went up!

“What’s the big deal with all the levitating stuff?” you might ask. The answer is more important than you might think. And it is all around you, if you look.

When I was a boy I was a big fan of superhero comics, particularly Marvel. I loved Saturday mornings when I would get my weekly fix. Superheroes weren’t a geek thing back then but they were not mainstream like they are today. Marvel and DC are prime culture references and shapers in the 21st century.

As EW Kenyon used to say, the world is looking for superman! And, as he rightly pointed out, the believer is what mankind is seeking i.e. a being with superpowers who does not originate in this world (Greek is kosmos). If you are in Christ, this describes YOU (John 17:16).

People are looking for answers to the problems and limitations of human existence. They are looking for miracles, cures, powers and wisdom. You are the answer they seek.

You might not feel like it but we are not really talking about you on your own. The problem with much of our thinking is that, even though we know we are saved, the paradigm we live in is one where we see ourselves as wretched worms down here, serving and worshipping a holy God up there. We see our duty as trying to emulate Him, knowing all the while it is impossible to do so.

And it is. In our own strength.

Which we were never called to walk in.

We are supposed to walk in HIS strength, His power, His ability, His wisdom. That’s what makes us supermen and women.

Jesus commissioned us with superpowers. The power to heal the sick, cast out devils, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, call the Kingdom down to earth and warp earthly realities. He also gave us the power to be impervious to poison. Even Clark Kent doesn’t have that when it comes to Kryptonite!

The reality is that we are not dis-located from God. He lives in us. The New Covenant was initiated to make man the dwelling place of the One who fills the cosmos and holds it together. His power is infinite – and He lives in you!

So here’s the question: Why should believers be utterly powerless against gravity?

If you think this is a daft question it only proves that you are earthbound in your thinking!

Here’s another question: What would happen to your spirit if it left your body? Where would it go? You are in trouble if it starts sinking! Think of it this way – the only thing keeping your spirit here is your earth suit i.e. your physical body.

Saints in history have levitated. In Pentecostal circles it has been reported, admittedly not very often.

So the bottom line is this: Is flight possible for the kainos creation believer THIS side of having a resurrection body, which is a body fit for flight?

I believe it is. And I believe we should be looking to God for such powers to be prevalent among us.

Now, note I am not saying we should be trying to levitate. But we should be believing God for what the Bible calls the powers of the age to come (see Hebrews 6:5).

I think God likes it when we push into things which He has ordained for the future. He gave David a revelation of Jesus 1,000 years before He walked the earth. And David called Jesus Lord way before anyone else did!

I am determined to walk in as much of these powers as it is possible to walk in without our heavenly bodies.

Here’s a couple of thoughts to ponder…

Because you are born from and are of the eternal realm – in Christ – the reality is that you already possess your heavenly body so you can “access” its powers by faith.

If that’s a stretch too far for you at this stage, here is one you can mull over: If Christ is in you, the hope of glory, does this mean He can do whatever He wants through you, by you, as you?

ascending-into-cloudsIn short, can Jesus in you make you fly? 

Biblically speaking and in history, the testimony of some is absolutely yes. To be fair, Paul wasn’t sure if he went to heaven with or without his body but the point is he thought the physical transportation was possible and not a “New Age” or witchypoo thing.

One last thought to stretch your mind.

We read in Isaiah 60 that we are to arise and shine and that the glory of the Lord is risen upon us. The verses following describe a mighty planetary turnaround, where wealth and riches flow to God’s House and people all over the world bow down before the saints.

What could cause such a worldwide outpouring of support and respect for the people of God?

Well, what if “Arise and shine” is not just a metaphor????!!!???

The world is waiting for Superman.

He is not hiding; He is waiting in you for you to let Him live big through you.





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