Called, Chosen, Commissioned

Many are called but few are chosen. MATTHEW 22:14

Recently I was talking to a fellow pastor and we both lamented experiences we had mentoring younger men who took a casual approach to ministry.

This is sadly something that is all too common these days. The age we live in has many distractions for Christians but it is exactly what Jesus says here that many are called but few are chosen.

People interpret this the wrong way in that they see God as the One doing the choosing. Of course that is so but what is meant here is that we are all called to a destiny in God but only those who dedicate themselves will be chosen.

Being called is wonderful but it is nothing if there is no appropriate response on our part.

You may be called to preach but so is every Christian. You might even have a great gift to preach but if you don’t set yourself apart to develop that gift, you are squandering both the gift and your life.

Ministry is all about being ready and prepared. We have allowed a mindset to creep in that “there are yet four months to the harvest” i.e. everything is still future so we don’t have to labour now.

We talk a lot about the coming revival and that is good but often we put everything off till that time and forget that Jesus said the fields are white for harvest right NOW!

Accepting we are called to be reapers in the harvest to come is one thing but the revelation that God is choosing people for His work NOW is a different matter.

Remember in John chapter 4 that when the disciples were off looking for food – a legitimate natural need – Jesus’ food was to do the will of the Father who sent Him. We can be so busy with the natural that we miss the thing that matters most.

Jesus focused on harvest. He called a woman, chose and commissioned her and she kick-started a revival in her town.

Two things about this are remarkable. Firstly, this woman was not one that most leaders would choose to start a work of God. And secondly, she was called and chosen without the mandatory years of training and preparation we tend to demand from ministers.

God is looking for reapers. The problem is not that there is nothing to harvest. The harvest is plentiful! Neither is the problem that the harvest is not ready. The fields are white and ripe! The problem is the reapers are few.

21st century believers are too busy off buying food i.e. concerning themselves with natural things like careers, politics, social media, sports events, hobbies and even church activities. There is no intent or desire to reap a harvest. There is no heart for those who need Jesus.

Yes, we are believing God for a great revival and a harvest of millions of souls. But if we are waiting till then to labour, we are but called.

The chosen are those who receive God’s commission to do His work NOW.

The Lord of the harvest is hiring. Are you ready to sign up?





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