The word “pandemic” means all people. A virus only becomes a pandemic when it has the potential to reach all the people.

2,000 years ago Jesus started a viral movement that was specifically designed to reach all people; in fact, reaching and infecting all people was its purpose. As well as converting the individual by infecting them with eternal life, the Gospel message was also programmed to bring societal transformation to nations. The Great Commissions of Matthew 28 and Mark 16 are directives to spread the Jesus Virus till every person is infected.

In my book STARTING A JESUS EPIDEMIC, I look at the Christian faith as the viral movement it is meant to be. The truth is that every Christian has the Jesus Virus in their DNA, i.e. the capacity to start and spread what could become a worldwide pandemic.

Sadly, though, many believers self-isolate and do not develop into spreaders or sneezers. Many cluster into churches that become containment centres rather than hubs of mass infection.

We are much concerned with the spread of the coronavirus at present but there is a far more pervasive disease affecting humanity. That is the moronavirus, whose symptoms are described as fools saying in their heart there is no God. Interestingly, this virus is often spread by morons sharing their lack of belief to others. The Jesus Virus is the perfect antidote for this moronavirus.

The question you must ask yourself, dear reader, is this: Is there enough Jesus Virus in you to start a pandemic?

If not, maybe it’s time to get yourself infected all over again. Then go out and “sneeze” on as many as you can.

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